Sign up Form – for researchers and academics

If you are a researcher or academic, and would like to sign up to add your voice opposing plans for a new international airport at Tarras, please fill out the form below. The list will be published in due course. Please also feel free to share this page with your peers and contacts both in New Zealand and elsewhere.

The form gives you two options. First, to add your details AND to indicate your relevant research. Or second, just to add your details / voice to show your concern, based on our letter and what is currently known.

If this page doesn’t seem right for you but you still wish add your voice, there are two other options:

  • If you are a professional not linked to a university, but working on the side of implementing the science, go to this page.
  • If this page or the one above are not right for you, and you still want to voice your concern and stay informed, we would suggest the Stop Central Otago Airport group, found here.